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Are you interested in a specific company or trade in the UK? The Free UK Business Directory lists a wide range of businesses, non-profit organisations and charities from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Each company that lists with us is given a free text advertisment to promote their products and services to their local catchment area as well as across the whole of the UK.

These text adverts on our free uk business listing site are search engine friendly and will help your business move up the Google rankings. In addition to providing a free listings service, we also offer paid placements. Starting from a few pounds a year, these paid listings give you more prominence on the site and provide "do follow" links which will further boost your Google search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free UK Business Directories

Making sure that your business has a presence everywhere online so that your potential customers can find you is critical to any marketing plan. Adding your UK company to a business directory is a great way to accomplish this.

Here are some frequently asked questions about business directories (sometimes known as business listing websites).

A business directory is a list of businesses in a particular category, niche or location. Having a listing for your company in a business directory allows you to be found by customers that are looking for your products or services.

An online business directory is a list of businesses (and sometimes non-profit organisations) that is usually categorised by either a particular location or industry. A way for local businesses to be found online is by being included in an online business directory. Having a listing in a website such as this enables you to find local businesses online or find companies in a specific niche.

Most businesses have an online presence of some sort. Adding your business listing to an online business directory helps you get found easier. According to a Google study, 80% of consumers regularly query search engines for local business information, with half of them visiting a local business within a day of the search. As most directories are indexed by Google (and other search engines), you will get a number of benefits from your business listing. First, your name, address and phone number (NAP) will appear in the business directory and on Google, encouraging searchers to contact you directly. Secondly, you will have a link back to your website which search engines will detect as a ranking signal and boost your SEO. Finally, the details about your business, whether textual, graphical or video based, will provide potential customers with the information that they need as well as giving the search engines some valuable information about you.

There are plenty of location specific and industry specific business directories for you to choose from. If you're trying to attract local business then it makes sense to list on a local business directory, maybe focusing in on your own individual town or city. However, if you're looking to attract nationwide or global clients in a specific sector then it would be more beneficial to advertise in a niche business directory. If you're looking for business in both of these realms then you may find a Free UK Business Directory that offers both of these options - industry specific and location based pages - which would satisfy your needs.

Submitting your business listing to a online directory is great for local citations. Local citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on websites. These consistent mentions are seen by Google and other search engines as a trust signal and will help your business rank in local Google search results. Its critical that you submit exactly the same NAP (name, address, phone number) to all local directories that you list in to achieve a good rank in the local organic search results.

Most business directories offer a free listing but how can they make money on this? Hosting, writing content, domain registration, etc, all cost money so even though a free package is available, many a free UK business directory will state that they will only approve free listings within a month or so to encourage the user to sign up to a premium package. Another benefit of a listing site offering a free option is for them to get a link back to their site. This will help the online business directory with their SEO efforts.

If a business listing site was focused on a particular geographical area (ie. free uk business directory) then they would only usually accept listings from UK companies. Also, unless they are focused in a particular niche, most business directories do not accept listings from adult related sites such as gambling, sex toys or escorts. Most online directories are family friendly.

Many business listing sites or directories will allow you perform a search using a combination of keyword search, sector, sub-sector, division, region or postcode. Some more advanced directories allow you to use map listings to show exact locations and to filter results to your own requirements. As the majority of sites are indexed on Google, Google can be used to search through the business listings too.

The basic details that you can include in a free business directory are your business name, address and phone number, as well as your social media profiles. If the business directory that you have chosen also allows you to add some information about yourself then spend a little time planning out how to best use that space. You may want to state your best selling services, your most profitable products or any discounts that you have available. Adding a logo or a graphic with an offer on it is good practise too. Any marketing tactics that you can use to publicise your brand and influence other interested shoppers must work in your favour.

In a business listings directory, your product or service will be noticed quickly by both customers and potential trade partners. Businesses looking for trading partners in the UK will head straight for a UK directory to find a strategic ally. It doesn't cost anything to list in the directory making it both convenient and economical. Details can usually be updated straight away, allowing you to make changes as and when needed. A business directory can help push your brand forward and establish direct communications with potential business partners. Your business will see increased exposure for free and you will be recognised as a legitimate and professional company.

In the olden days, you'd use the Yellow Pages to search for a local plumber if your washing machine broke down. Now you would just ask Google and the results would appear on the screen as your location would already be known. If you list your company on a local business website then you'll have maximum visibility in the eyes of your local customers. You'll also be able to get your phone number in their faces, and in the case of the broken down washing machine, get the problem sorted straight away. Another benefit of listing with a local business directory is search engine optimisation. Listing your site on free uk business directories gives you a certain amount of credibility and providing the directory has done their job properly, your listing will be set up so that its presence will be included in the Google search results. Finally, the last reason that you'd want to list in a local business directory would be reputation. Having your company appear on the pages of a business listing site increases your credibility in the eyes of the prospect.

If you're looking for a local tradesman then you may be able to find someone suitable using Trustmark. Trustmark is the UK government backed quality scheme that links people to reputable local tradesmen working to government endorsed standards.